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Nosrat & Farzam


Project Name

Production Enhancement, Appraisal Development of Common Fields in Sirri Area (Nosrat and Farzam Oil Fields Development Project)


Nosrat field is located 22 km to the south of Sirri Island and the Farzam field is located some 45 km to the southwest of Sirri Island, in the Persian Gulf on the marine border line with the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.).

Scope of Work

  • Nosrat Field
    • Drilling of two horizontal legs and completing the NT-2 well. (subsequent NIOC decision and JMC approval required horizontal drilling and completion of this well in other formation).
    • Drilling of horizontal legs, completion and change of ESP in NT-4 well.
    • Drilling of new producing well (NT-5H)
  • Farzam Field
    • 3-D seismic Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation
    • Sub-surface studies
    • An Exploratory/Appraisal Well Drilling
    • Drilling of 7 Development Wells
    • Offshore Facilities (Wellhead platform, subsea Oil and Water Injection Pipelines and Power Cable)
    • Onshore (Sirri Island) Improvement to Water Injection Facilities.


    • Increasing crude oil production by 11,500 bpd in Nosrat filed.
    • Production of crude oil by 15,000 bpd from Farzam field.


  • Sub-surface Studies of Farzam Field
    • Performed 3-D seismic Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation
    • Full Field Reservoir Simulation has been performed.
  • Drilling Operations
    • Completed drilling and completion of Nosrat wells (NT-2H, NT-4H and NT-5H) and achieving the objective
    • The Exploratory/Appraisal Well (FZ-1) in Farzam field was drilled, logged, tested and suspended.
  • The development of Farzam field was suspended due to results of studies were not complied with development requirements.

  • Contract Price and Duration

    Execution of the project  started on 17th May 2000 and it is anticipated  that the project  will complete within 36 months. The project contract price (capex) is 160 MM U.S.D.






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