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Abilities & Achivements


> Field studies
This includes 2-D and 3-D seismic survey, bathymetry and geological studies, offshore and onshore pipeline routing and optimization studies.

> Oil & gas fields development plan
This includes evaluation of oil and gas field reserves, geoscience studies using different scenarios and utilizing such techniques as IOR/EOR .

> Engineering design
Offshore and onshore basic design of oil and gas process facilities and also updating studies for performing optimization on existing facilities.


> Drilling activities
Drilling of appraisal wells to perform reserve evaluation of the fields, drilling and re-entry of oil and gas wells, drilling horizontal wells, multilateral wells, and workover and completion of  existing wells.

> Detailed engineering and design
Perform detailed design of offshore platforms, processing facilities , sub-sea pipelines, onshore oil and gas refineries and process plants.


> Project evaluation
Performing economical studies to determine the most commonly used profitability indices for evaluation of the project .

> Construction & installation of facilities
Construction and installation of wellhead, production, living quarters and gas lift platforms. Fabrication, Installation and Construction of oil and gas processing facilities.

> Project financing
Financing the projects either by using an internal source or within an approved framework of buy back project.


> Procurement
Purchasing, technical inspection, delivery and custom clearance of project materials and equipments.

> Pre-commissioning, commissioning and training
PEDCO specialists plan and execute pre-commissioning and commissioning activities of projects and also assure safe operation of equipments and facilities, PEDCO plans and executes programs for training of operator’s personnel.



  • Implementation of projects where national interests were not fulfilled by foreign companies
  • Achieving a desirable position in upstream activities within national and international level
  • Manifestation of executive capability through simultaneous execution of several major projects
  • Maximum reliance on domestic consultants, manufacturers and man power
  • Establishment of effective employment policies
  • Sharing responsibility in developing common fields of the Persian Gulf
  • Increasing the producible reserves in the common fields through identification of the reservoirs, appraisal and development of new layers
  • Establishing Iranian capabilities, proficiency and knowledge in value chain of upstream projects
  • Utilizing the experiences and abilities resulted from execution of development projects as the strategic tool of NIOC
  • Taking advantage of bank credits and financial resources of international institutions


A glance at PEDCO Achievements


  • Production of 164 Million extra barrels of crude oil from Salman , Foroozan, Nosrat & Farzam Common Fields.
  • $8.28 Billion income from increase in crude oil production, 1.3 Billion $  is assigned to repayment costs and remained equal to 6.9 Billion $ is paid to government.
  • Production enhancement from Salman and Foroozan Fields equal to 61,000 bbl/day causes more than $144 Million extra income for the country.
  • Creating more than 30.5 Million man-hour/day job opportunity and Utilizing Iranian companies in PEDCO’s project development and obtaining  68.76% of contractual commitments according to Iranian content plan.
  • Utilizing 280 expert staff.
  • PEDCO is Certified to be conformed with ISO 9001:2000 and technical specification of ISO/TS 29000:2003


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